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Why is Meritage different?

We follow a highly successful process. Many firms will find candidates for your positions. Only Meritage uses a specific proven approach to qualify and DELIVER candidates.



  • A Project Manager is assigned to direct resources toward filling your open positions.
  • Multiple Recruiters and Researchers are assigned to assist the project manager to ensure that all available resources are utilized in the search.
  • Profiles and references are completed to ensure you have the information you need to attract the talent you want.


  • Once a candidate has been identified as a “skills” match for an opening, we will qualify on the following criteria:
    • Interest in the company
    • Interest in the position
    • Current compensation
    • Mobility
    • Reason for leaving current position

Only candidates that meet your specific skill criteria and have a high level of interest in your company will be presented for consideration.


  • We consult with candidates throughout the entire process to make sure we understand what will influence a candidate to accept your offer.
  • The information gathered in the profiling and reference check process is now put to use to help you assemble an offer that will be accepted while maintaining your internal equity and fairness.
  • Our constant involvement has resulted in 90% of our candidates accepting the offers our clients make.


  • Once an offer has been accepted, we stay in contact with the candidate to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition.
  • We help with resignation letters and consult about complications that may occur during this critical stage of the process such as counter offer possibility and resolution, contact by other recruiting firms, contact by hiring company competitors, and relocation issues.
  • We help forge relationships with the hiring company and the new employee by communicating any unexpected complications or miscommunications during the transition process.
  • We do not consider the hiring process complete until the new employee actually starts and is completely committed to the hiring company.

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